About Middle School

Grades 6, 7, 8: Bounding physical energy. Hilarity. Passionate likes and dislikes—and easily hurt feelings. Demands for authenticity; leaps to quick conclusions. Creativity and frustration, uncertainty and ideals. For our Middle Schoolers, we offer balance, understanding, and days full of absorbing activity.

Young people busily engaged in metric games, dramatic reenactments, or Islamic tessellates may look as if they’re simply having fun. Actually though, they’re proving the validity of our innovative middle school curriculum designed by our own faculty on the basis of hard research about how young adolescents learn.

When you chart something—whether it’s the position of a star, the plot line of a novel, or the rise and fall of market shares—you assert order. You observe, postulate, graph, consider. The result? New knowledge, and a new basis for application. Through increasing levels of responsibility and independence, our Middle School students learn to channel their natural impetuosity into productive problem solving that readies them for the most demanding secondary schools.

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Sixth Grade

About Sixth Grade

Early in grade six, students participate in a personal learning style inventory. Our middle school teachers, working from those results, plan their classes to include a variety of academic activities so that all types of learners can work confidently and well. For example, in sixth grade anatomy, for each system of the body (and they learn them all), students must create a “learning tool” that speaks to their learning style. Not only does each student learn from the creation of his “learning tool,” but also he must present the tool to the class. Through creation and presentation, students at TLS learn in an active way all the way through middle school. Core subjects in sixth grade are English, history, foreign language, mathematics, and science, but thanks to a rotating schedule, all students continue to take the complete classical curriculum all year long, which includes art, drama, music, physical education, and computer science.  

Did we mention that Middle School is an increasingly social time in a child’s life? This point is not to be ignored. Social bonding is an important aspect of Middle School, and early in the school year, we take the students away from school for an entire week for a sixth grade trip to North Carolina where, with the help of faculty counselors along with the teachings of the natural world, students develop a respect for each other and themselves. It is a great way to begin their new journey through Middle School, and through our “outdoor education” curriculum, students can anticipate a new challenge each year.

Seventh Grade

About Seventh Grade

Because they tackle real problems—and they work with real equipment, from the computer room to the robotics in science lab, to ceramics in art—our students generate abundant enthusiasm for learning, both individually and with friends. Seventh graders pair up to teach their English class; during a French version of “Survivor,” they work in question and answer teams; they plan a visit to Japan, set the budget, map the journey, write an imaginary journal of the trip, and produce well-researched travel brochures. For art history class they research an artist of interest to them, write a well-documented report, and create a web page complete with copy and graphics. All of this is what makes learning different at The Lexington School.  Rigor combined with excitement, ownership and independent thought is what drives the seventh grader at The Lexington School. It is what builds the curiosity and courage that is the key to each individual student’s success.

So, we work hard and we play hard in Middle School, but the balance is what is important. All Middle School students work hard at The Lexington School because there is a culture of expectation where trying hard and being smart is cool. With this culture, there is a need for expression, which is why all Middle Schoolers take a complete curriculum of the arts all year long, and it is why they break twice during the day for food and play.  It is also why we offer an active itinerary of electives and competitive sports. Our ultimate goal is to graduate the student who is well-prepared to tackle any and all secondary school programs, the student who is well-rounded, and the student who is still curious, who still loves going to school to learn new things.

Eighth Grade

About Eighth Grade

Leadership is the culmination of a Lexington School education. Our eighth graders are all leaders of our school, and that doesn’t mean everyone is a member of student government. Instead, it means eighth graders are the top of the food chain and they know it. They are role models for our younger students, and they have certain responsibilities and experiences no one else has. Eighth grade students must give a “Capstone Speech” at the end of the year in which they present a topic of interest to the entire Middle School using research and technology. All eighth graders participate in at least eight hours of community service outside The Lexington School as well as service responsibilities within the school. Eighth grade is the final chapter in The Lexington School book, and it is the most compelling. With Algebra I the minimum mathematics class offered, and three years of foreign language as a core subject, along with an interdisciplinary pre-AP English curriculum, Lexington School students have essentially completed the first year of high school, so students are ready for a competitive and advanced secondary program.

The culmination of a year of leadership coupled with the final lesson in courage for our eighth graders is the Southwest Journey where faculty and students venture to the Southwest region of the U.S. including Zion and the Grand Canyon for a week of camping, climbing, hiking, biking, and all the natural lessons that go along. We believe that learning also occurs outside the four walls of the classroom, experiential education is vital to the eighth grade experience.  It is through this final journey that the Lexington School mission is complete. Our graduates leave The Lexington School filled with the academic skill and desire to compete anywhere at any level, and they have within them the courage and confidence to make wise choices and overcome obstacles for the rest of their lives.

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