Summer Reading List

for Students Entering 4th Grade

Required Reading:

The Truth of Me: about a
boy, his grandmother, and a very good dog
 — Patricia

● Read three other books of your choice (that you
have never read before)

Write three questions about this novel to be used
for class discussions during the first week of school. Ideally, these questions
should go beyond just the facts and should require some thoughtful analysis.
They should be why and how questions instead of who, what, where, or when

In addition, rising 4th graders must read at
least three other books. On a sheet of paper, please keep a reading list with
titles, authors, and number of pages for each book. Parents should sign the
completed reading list.

These books may come from our list of suggested
titles and authors that can be found below the 5th grade reading requirements,
or they may be freely chosen by the students.

Please bring summer reading information to school
at the beginning of the school year. Have fun reading!