TLS ANNUAL FUND: A Proud Tradition

“With each performance, each trip, each project, each day she walked into school, Kendall’s teachers have encouraged, instructed, comforted, nurtured, and celebrated every accomplishment, every challenge met, every mountain climbed.  Please join Richard and me by supporting this amazing educational experience through the Annual Fund this year.  Your contribution will provide the gift of caring education to every child who walks through our doors.” 


-Tracie Sturgill, Annual Fund Chair
Mother to Kendall, Class of 2015

The Lexington School depends on a successful Annual Fund to help make up the difference between tuition and the full cost of educating a child. This year, “The Gap” between tuition and the cost of a TLS education is $3,300. This means that The Lexington School must raise $3,300 for every child enrolled this year.

To help meet this “Gap,” The Lexington School must raise $700,000 through the 2014-2015 Annual Fund. The Lexington School appreciates all gifts, no matter the size, and values the support of more than 700 donors each year, who demonstrate their loyalty and belief in the mission of The Lexington School through their annual gifts.

Your participation in the Annual Fund makes the experience of today's TLS students the best it has ever been. Gifts to the Annual Fund enhance The Lexington School student experience by providing funds to support:

  • Resources for students to produce school plays, musicals and other productions each year;
  • Exciting field trips and out-of classroom lessons;
  • Official athletic events and team sports;
  • Competitive salaries and benefits for faculty;
  • Professional Development opportunities for teachers.

Please show your commitment to The Lexington School-our students, faculty, and growing excellence in education-by making your gift to the Annual Fund today!