Abercrombie Legacy Society

In Spring 2014, The Lexington School Board of Trustees officially created the Abercrombie Legacy Society to honor our founder Ms. Josephine Abercrombie and other donors who have made included The Lexington School in their future planning.

Who can make a planned gift to The Lexington School?

The simple answer is: anyone.  In many cases, planned gifts represent a valuable and tax-wise opportunity for a supporter to make the largest gift of their lifetime to an educational institution.  Planned gifts are transformative and a wonderful way to leave a legacy to mark a family's own legacy at TLS.

Ways to Give: (click here for a brochure)

  1. Bequests: Making a bequest to The Lexington School can be easily accomplished by including a few sentences as a provision in your will or Revocable Living Trust.  Bequests are flexible and can be adjusted.  Perhaps for this reason, 75% of planned gifts come in this form, so don’t be discouraged by its simplicity! You may elect to benefit The Lexington School as the recipient of a set amount of cash, stocks and securities, or a percentage of your overall estate. Your legal and financial advisors will know how best to structure a will to meet your financial needs, but TLS can provide sample testamentary language to share with your attorney.
  2. Life Insurance: naming TLS as the owner on a fully or partially paid whole life insurance policy gives the school immediate ownership of the policy's cash value.
  3. Retirement Plans:  A simple beneficiary change form can name TLS as the beneficiary of a retirement plan account.  
  4. Other gift types: In addition to those simple ways to give, a donor may want to explore other deferred giving options with legal and financial advisors such as charitable trusts.

In addition to possible tax advantages and retirement income, a properly-chosen planned gift vehicle will allow you to impart a much larger gift than you imagined possible  to the school that has factored so greatly into your life.  We hope you will honor Ms. Abercrombie’s legacy by envisioning The Lexington School of the future and leaving a legacy of your own

If you are interested in joining the Abercrombie Legacy Society, please contact Amanda Hale.