Mrs. Foster’s Weekly Words

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A collection of writings from Mrs. Foster’s heralded weekly e-mails to parents from October 2007 through April 2011.  In these weekly emails, Mrs. Foster shares parenting advice on everything from the obvious (encouraging good study habits and managing social dilemmas) to more difficult matters (navigating the loss of a loved one, answering questions about Santa Claus). Mrs. Foster’s weekly musings are at once invaluably helpful and profoundly entertaining. This soft-cover edition is a great addition to your own personal library, or to give as a gift. You will enjoy this collection of wit and wisdom from Mrs. Foster – she has lots!

Excerpt from Mrs. Foster's Weekly Words...available for purchase now in the School Store! 

December 9, 2009

Mrs. Gingerbread enchants the Kindergartners when she visits the TLS libraryMrs. Gingerbread will be coming soon to a TLS Library near you!

"Most of you are probably not aware that a celebrity of considerable magnitude visits The Lexington School every year around this time.  Her appearances are very secretive, and she is usually gone within an hour of her arrival in the library.  She greets the Kindergarten students there, tells them a little about her life as the wife of the very famous "gingerbread man" and then shares her favorite children's book with them: Gingerbread Baby...When the children ask questions, she is sure to always speak the truth.  Often something comes up about how much she looks like Mrs. Foster.  Her coy response will neither confirm nor deny the suggestion that she is, indeed, Mrs, Foster in disguise.  She is adept at answering questions with other questions so as to maintain the possibility of her magic being kept alive in the hearts of the children.  You would be surprised at how many children participate in the moment and ask relevant questions that support Mrs. Gingerbread's story.  The doubters usually don't say much at all, but they smile knowingly.  Often, after a year has passed and Kindergarten students turn into first graders, Mrs. Gingerbread is brought up again.  A few years ago two of my favorite 1st Grade girls (I had lots) came into my office to talk about Mrs. Gingerbread.  Clearly both had been believers at the time of "the visit," but one was beginning to question "Mrs. G's" authenticity and brought the other along to verify.  "Mrs. Foster, are YOU Mrs. Gingerbread?" sad the doubter.  Before I had a chance to compose my response the other took care of everything for me.  "Of course she isn't.  Look!  Her shoes are different."  I just smiled as they left my office, relieved to let my friend Mrs. Gingerbread live on in those two little hearts for another day.

This time of year, I always get a few questions about how to handle questions that deal with some of the more magical aspects of the season.  My advice is to handle all questions just like Mrs. Gingerbread does.  Always tell the truth; answer questions with other provocative questions; and say less than more about the subject at hand.  I have always found that children, up to a point, really want to believe in the magic and will often find a way to do so even when doubt has crept into their minds...temporarily."