Google Accounts for Students

What you need to know

The Lexington School will supply Google accounts to students in Middle School and some Lower School Grades.  The school is continuing to closely monitor this project to see if it may be a good idea for other grade levels as well.  In some Lower School grades, students have Google accounts but do not have access to email.

A Google account means TLS is providing students with access to a handpicked set of online applications for educational use.  In Middle School, this includes access to email.  To provide an academic experience of the highest level, online tools and learning must be part of the process.

Students are given a user name and a password for the Google account.  It is the responsibility of the student to use the account for educational purposes.  The school will help students learn how to use this responsibility.  To ensure student safety, the school will monitor the use of student accounts through web and email filtering and by accessing student accounts as needed.  Similarly, parents are encouraged to access this account regularly. Instructions for adding Gmail to a desktop program or mobile device via POP or IMAP are available from Google.

For more information please contact Jaime Lassman about how The Lexington School is using Google in 8th grade to support student learning.

Tip: Parents who set up the account as POP (rather than IMAP) will be able to monitor the Gmail account without accidentally disturbing the contents.  TLS recommends parents set up as POP to monitor and students set up as IMAP.

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