Within These Halls of Learning

Visiting Artist Series

An “a-ha!” moment for any parent is when you walk into the theater where your three-year-old is seated, transfixed by a performance of UK Opera’s “The Billy Goats Gruff.” All of a sudden you see your child introduced to a world beyond his imagination, beyond what he can get at home, and then you look up and realize it is happening right here at school! The Artist Series at The Lexington School is just one more way The Lexington School creates exposes its students to further enrichment in the arts.

Our students are involved in every aspect of the visual and performing arts. From three years old all the way through 8th grade, Lexington School students attend art and music classes with specialist teachers, they create art and music that relate to school performances and the core classroom, and they perform the arts for each other and for our parents at least three to four times per year.

In addition to their own hands-on experience with art and music and performance, Lexington School students are privy to regional performing arts throughout the school year through our Visiting Artist Series. Each year the performers, visual artists, and writers who visit are different and varied, but each year TLS kids are enriched by their creativity and expertise. Beginning in preschool, visiting performances range from The Lexington Children's Theater to puppeteers or vocal ensembles. For our lower school students, Writers Guild provides a one on one experience for students to learn from a published author while experiencing the writing process in their own way too. Every student in grades 1-5 write and illustrate their own books each year which they then share with their parents and the visiting author at a special reception.

Middle Schoolers often enjoy a multiple day seminar visit with artists of a variety of backgrounds. These artists bring a deeper study to the middle school art students in areas like mural painting, panel production and other multi-media experiences. The visiting artist series is just one more way The Lexington School enriches and adds value to the overall depth of education within these halls.