Within These Halls of Learning

Kentucky Heritage Day

Kentucky Heritage Day is a day to celebrate. For our fourth grade students it is the culmination of six weeks of interdisciplinary study where students have traveled (almost literally) back in time to Kentucky’s birth through language arts and social studies, science, art, music, computer, and even gym classes where they learn heritage dancing.. Fourth grade students take a trip to Boonesboro, KY, where their study gets underway. From Boonesboro, students return to school, their imaginations tuned to a time where things weren’t quite so convenient. They read non-fiction for context, and they write vivid journals of historical fiction that capture the essence of the past.

In science classes they study trees and plants native to Kentucky. In art classes fourth grade students create exquisite, original pieces to reflect what they’ve learned of Kentucky Heritage, and they produce a Power Point presentation through their computer classes with works of art that illustrate the stories of the many influential Kentucky immigrants. In a grand finale of folk dancing and a musical and original narrative performance, all curricular pieces come together. Each fourth grade student reveals his or her personal path of immigration through costume, and as a group of immigrants from countries all over the world, the fourth grade becomes a symbolic melting pot.

For Lexington School parents, Kentucky Heritage Day is a day to remember. It is a day when our parents are so proud. They are proud of their children for executing so many examples of their new-found knowledge. They are proud of who they are - of the family and heritage that brought them to this place. And they are proud of this place, The Lexington School, and their choice to provide their children with an education that comes alive through experience, integration, and imagination!