Within These Halls of Learning

Service Learning


Here at The Lexington School we believe that to do is to learn. We believe that getting our hands dirty translates into an invaluable growth experience, and we do it every day inside the classroom and outside the classroom. Service Learning is a Lexington School Tradition. We believe that a commitment to service is something learned at a young age and a habit that must be practiced and encouraged each year of a child’s life. That is why each grade at The Lexington School participates in Service Learning from three years old all the way through eighth grade.

Rather than filling up piggy banks or milk cartons as service, TLS students work to fill up hearts, and they do it by working with their hands. Our preschoolers build a “Giving Tree” whose leaves are made of mittens and hats collected over weeks of a drive to help less fortunate children stay warm.

1st graders warm the hearts of the elderly through visits and special performances, while 2nd graders work on a global stage through their international project to make a difference in The Lexington School’s country of study (which this year is Vietnam). Through our partnership with William Wells Brown Elementary school, our 3rd and 4th graders work hard to provide uniform clothing and shoes for the many students who are in need. The best part of our partnership is the Birthday Closet where, school-wide, we collect new toys as birthday gifts for our friends’ at William Wells Brown. Last year The Lexington School students donated over 400 gifts!

Most of our learning about service takes place right here at school, including our 5th graders’ service commitment to our own school community.

5th graders recycle for the entire school every single week of the entire school year. Possibly the most effective part of their service education is a 5th grade trip to the Recycling Center where they see the results of their hard work. They learn how important their service is not only to our school but also to the community at large. Their work contributes to Fayette County’s ability to raise over one million dollars in recycling revenue each year!

The culmination of The Lexington School service learning journey is in Middle School. Middle School students go twice a year to work collectively at over 18 different agencies county wide, and they must be good workers because they are invited back year after year. 6th through 8th graders log approximately 8 hours of service outside our school, but that is just the beginning. They put even more time into initiatives like Thanksgiving baskets for God’s Pantry and special TLS “fun community raisers.” It is the act of serving that teaches, that creates an expectation for service beyond The Lexington School. Lexington School students, every grade, every year are giving of themselves, learning to serve a greater good.