Within These Halls of Learning

Parent (and Grandparent) Participation


When prospective parents visit The Lexington School for the first time, they learn that they have entered a community of learning in which every constituent, every member of the family matters. They are introduced to an educational universe that values the diverse backgrounds and talents of each individual involved in the lives of the children who learn here, and they are presented with a community where communication, interaction, and participation are the cornerstones of the school’s success.

Often a big hug, a warm smile, and the “best free lunch in town,” are the thanks that our parents and grandparents receive for participating in the many “opportunities” we have for them here at The Lexington School.

From helping with Native American Projects in 2nd grade, to driving field trips in every grade, operating the cake walk at Fall Festival, hosting the 2008 Presidential Student Election, or chairing Silent Auction for Celebration, The Lexington School’s fundraising party, our parents make an enormous difference in the culture of the school. There are major and minor ways to be involved in the life of the school, and TLS parents strike a balance that supports our faculty and staff across departments.

The Parents Association is the umbrella organization for parent participation where committees ranging from Faculty Appreciation and Service Learning to Classroom Representative are open for involvement.

But Lexington School parents are involved in other ways as well. On any given day, you may walk into a classroom and see a parent giving a presentation on how bridges are built or how to speak Japanese. Architectural talents are put to use when parents assist their children with the 1st grade traditional Candy Houses.

And don’t forget the hundreds of Grandparents who visit throughout the year but especially on Grandparents Day when they are celebrated and thanked for heading up the family tree that brought everyone to this place.

A big hug, a warm smile, and a “free lunch” are usually all it takes to get our parents and grandparents back for more, but what they need to know is how much it means and what a difference they are making with their time and their energy. Thank you so much for participating in the life of The Lexington School!