Within These Halls of Learning

Engaging the Right (to Perform)


Isn’t it fun to be right? Or isn’t it fun to engage the right? And isn’t it wonderful to have the right to creativity? At the Lexington School we have the most amazing play (on words)!

Summer reading for the faculty last summer was Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, a book that details the value and necessity of “R-directed thinking,” which specifically relates to engaging the right side of one’s brain. And what do you know? Lexington School teachers have been “right” all along. Not only do our teachers engage the “right” through inventive curriculum in science classes or through school-wide experiences like Writers Guild, but also our grade level teachers collaborate to give Lexington School students the time to create, design, and perform full-on productions like our most recent “Treasure Island.” Take 54 fifth graders, hold auditions, give each student a speaking role with a script that has been written specifically for them, add ten robust songs, dancing, individually designed costumes, and props and backdrops with visual and sound effects (science experiment goes Broadway), and what you end up with is an hour and a half of the Big Picture of learning.

Through memory, design, story, symphony, and play, Lexington School students engage their brains in ways students at many schools never have the opportunity. And Lexington School students do it over and over again. From age three through eighth grade, TLS students perform an average of four times a year in front of large audiences. Boo Sing, Kentucky Heritage Day, Young Authors, “Romeo and Juliet,” Grandparents Day, Holiday Concert, Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly, Kindergarten Valentine Plays, Prekindergarten Circus, “Treasure Island,” Star Shows, Storytelling Festival, Spring Sing, the Choral Concert, Advanced Drama Play, Applied Lessons Recitals, and band concerts provide some of the performance venues, and the list seems to grow each and every year.

Engaging the whole mind is The Lexington School philosophy, and it always has been. It is nice when every once in a while we are validated by a nationally best-selling author, but that’s not why we do it. We do it because it works, because it builds the brain, it builds courage, and because it allows children to love learning every single year of their young lives.