Colts Consignment

Used Uniform and Dress Code Consignment

Consigners will receive 65% of the sale price. All other proceeds will cover the minimal costs to coordinate the sale and then support a “New Shoe” fund for our partner school, William Wells Brown Elementary, and the TLS school garden.

Drop off for Donations

Contact Melanie Leach 859-806-1511 or Robin Cline 859-265-0515 to arrange drop off.

Acceptable items for consignment

Parker Uniform clothing will be priced at 50% of retail value as long as it is in good condition. Any clothing that is not in good condition will be marked down accordingly or refused for re-sale.

Consignment clothing may be priced as you wish. We will accept dress code clothing, dresses, athletic clothes (including cleats), shoes, jeans, winter coats, costumes for Heritage Day, cheerleading uniforms We recommend that you price name brand clothing (i.e., Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, North Face, Land’s End, etc.) between $5-$8 per piece depending on size and condition. Other brands, such as Target, Kmart, Faded Glory, etc., should be priced at $2-$4 per piece.

Sports equipment - Football and lacrosse pads, gloves, and sticks may be consigned. Please use your own discretion in pricing.

Important Consignment Policies

  • All clothing MUST be clean.
  • Boy’s blazers should be dry cleaned and placed in plastic.
  • Buttons must be intact and zippers need to be fully functional.
  • Stained, ripped or clothes in poor condition will not be accepted.
  • T-shirts or play clothes will not be accepted. DO NOT CONSIGN SOMETHING YOU WOULD NOT BUY.
  • All clothing should be hung on hangers with the open side of the hanger to the left when looking at the front of the garment.
  • You will have access to forms and tags.
  • Consignment tags should be safety pinned in the following location:
    • Pants, shorts, skirts – exterior waistband or belt loops
    • Shirts, jumpers, sweaters – left armpit
    • Boys Blazers – interior lining of the left sleeve near the cuff
    • Cleats and shoes – shoe laces that are securely fastened together
    • Sports equipment – taped to item with clear packing tape, on a hanger if possible

If you would like to donate your items instead of sell

Please bring clean items, folded in a large sturdy shopping bag or heavy-duty garbage bags. We will tag and sell items with proceeds funding the above projects.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to fine tune the best format for our sales. Future sales will improve upon the others.

Please direct any questions to Robin Cline or Melanie Leach.