How to Consign your items

  1. Download the TLS Uniform Consignment Sale Form from the TLS Website.
  2. Save the form to your computer. Choose a name and place on your computer to save it so you can attach it and email it back later.
  3. Enable Editing
  4. Enter your information. First, Last Name, Address, Email, Phone.
  5. The system will assign you a Consignment ID Number.
  6. Once you complete the Consignor Information Tab, you are ready for item entry.
  7. Click on the item entry tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  8. After you have completed the process outlined below please email the excel document back to us at


  1. Choose whether you want to donate with the drop down box indicating (Y) or (N). If you choose Yes, your items will not be returned to you at the conclusion of the sale.
  2. Indicate if the clothing item is a Parker Uniform piece (Y) or (N).
  3. Enter the size of the clothing item.
  4. Indicate if the item has been altered (Y) or (N).
  5. If the Parker column is marked Yes, you will be given a drop down box in the Description field for the Parker Item. Choose the appropriate item that correlates to your size and style clothing. Once you choose your item, the Parker Price will automatically fill. The price is 50% of the original cost.
  6. If the column for Parker is marked No, the fields for Parker Item and Price will be blacked out indicating you do not need to complete those fields.
  7. If the Parker column is marked No, you need to enter the item description in the Non-Parker Item Description Field. 
  8. Choose a price in increments of $.50 from the drop down box.
  9.  Continue entry until all your items are entered.

Printing Tags

  1. Once you enter your items, click on the Print Tags Tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Your tags should be ready to print. 
  2. You may choose what starting number to print by filling in the appropriate field.

Attach Tags

  1. Place your tag on the left side of the garment. Either under the arm by using a tagging gun or with a safety pin.
  2. Hang your item so that the hanger looks like a question mark and the tag is on the left side of the item.
  3. If the item is not clothing, attach with heavy duty packing tape directly on the item.
  4. Make sure any items that come in pairs (lacrosse gloves, shoes, etc.) are securely fastened to their mate.


  1. Sort your items in size order before item entry.
  2. Sort your items in Parker/Non Parker items before item entry.
  3. Clean and hang your items before item entry. Inspect for holes and damaged buttons. Make sure all zippers are fully functional.
  4. Use Cardstock to print your tags. The tags are less likely to rip off and hold up better through transport.
  5. Purchase a tagging gun to assist with attaching tags. Safety pins tend to make for sore fingers. Tagging Guns may be purchased at Corman’s on Floyd Drive for about $20.