Service Learning at The Lexington School

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Director, Sarah Clay

Assistant Director, Lorin Clay


Mission Statement

Service Learning at The Lexington School strives to complement the overall mission of The Lexington School and the objectives of the Parents Association.  Active, hands on, participation in each grade level (preschool through middle school) as well as school wide initiatives, seeks to instill student integrity and broaden students world view by supporting numerous charitable and community organizations.

Preschool Projects

Contact: Chair, Robin Pennington

Mitten Tree Donation in December.

For two weeks, December 2-16, 2013, we will collect mittens, hats, scarves and snow boots to share with less fortunate children in our community.  Our "tree" is located on the wall of the Preschool hallway and it's a wonderful experience for the children to pin their mittens, etc. onto the "tree".  The items will be donated to the Family Care Center of William Wells Brown Elementary School before the holidays.

Humane Society in Spring.

For two weeks in the Spring, we will collect toys, food, blankets/towels and supplies for our furry friends at the Lexington Humane Society.  The children will learn all about the Humane Society and the animals that currently call it home, first hand from a Humane Society volunteer who will come to speak & share stories.  The children get VERY excited when they see pictures of the animals they are helping.  

Lower School Projects

Contact Chair: Cameron Nurick

Asst Chair: Kristin Sajadi

1st grade: Nursing Home Visit and Singing in Fall

Ourr 1st grade children will give back to the community.  In the morning each classroom will be busy cutting the tops off of pumpkins and cleaning out the seeds, which will later be used in various "math" educational experiences. Then they will plant fresh mums into the pumpkins creating a beautiful arrangement.  At 1:00pm, the children will travel to a local nursing home to present their pumpkin-mum arrangements and sing some of their Halloween songs from their "boo sing" performance.  This event is a lovely way our children can serve by sharing their talents and brightening the day for others.

2nd grade: International Project

Each year the second grade children get involved with Service Learning on a global level by way of an International Project.  Whether it's helping families after a natural disaster or helping families who are always in need, the 2nd graders understand there is always someone out there that can use their help.  This year the second graders collected coins for two weeks to purchase books for school children in Panama- written in Spanish of course.  They could also donate books if they choose to.  The children spoke via Skype with an Aunt of one of our students who is a Peace Corp volunteer there and is teaching in an elementary school.  They saw pictures of the children they are helping and observed first hand that these children have no books to read.  The children were so excited to help, they decided to make bookmarks to send as well.  All of the books the collect and purchase will be delivered to the Panama school children in the spring and our 2nd graders will again have the opportunity to see pictures of the children receiving their books and bookmarks.  What a wonderful way to truly make a difference in the lives of others.  WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN HELP?  If you are interested in helping with the Books for Panama Project, you can drop off Spanish books of any kind or even donate your extra change in water bottles.  Take your donations to any 2nd grade classroom no later than October 15th.  Together, we can make a difference.

3rd grade: God's Pantry Food Donation & Sorting

In the spring, the 3rd grade students will hold a food drive for God's Pantry.  Our students understand that it's hard to sit through a school day without a good breakfast and they know there are children in the city that do just that.  In order to help, they will ask for donations school wide and then have some fun sorting with their 7th grade buddies or maybe even have a volunteer night at God's Pantry to sort food.  A great way to give back to the community.

4th grade: William Wells Brown Clothing Drive Fall & Spring

The 4th grade invites you to"Donate your Digs"for the students of William Wells Brown Elementary.  Why wait for spring to clean out those closets? The TLS fourth grade class will be sponsoring a clothing drive November 18 - December 13, 2013 for the children of Williams Wells Brown Elementary. Your gently used clothes are desperately needed.  In case you're not aware of it, the TLS community, through our Service Learning efforts, partners with this downtown Lexington elementary to not only provide clothing, but also to present birthday gifts (through Birthday Closet donation) and winter wear (through the pre-school Holiday Mitten Tree) for children who often would have to go without. Our 4th grade children look forward to this service project each year, make posters to promote it and handle the collections from car-line. The joy they receive from reaching out is exactly what we're trying to achieve!

W.W. Brown no longer requires a uniform, so please donate shorts, pants, jeans and any type of shirt, sweater, sweatshirt and jacket, as long as it does not have an inappropriate message. All sizes from child's 3 through women's/men's XL are needed and appreciated.  Another way to help our partner school is to donate any type of item to Goodwill, requesting that William Wells Brown receive credit for your donation. In turn, the Family Resource Center at the school receives vouchers they distribute to families to shop, which helps children purchase underwear and socks, those items which we cannot collect for them.  Stay tuned to division head weekly e-mails, the TLS Facebook and PA Bulletin Board for collection locations and other information. 

5th grade: Recycling

The 5th graders have had the opportunity in previous grades to help children & families in other countries, other states and cities and even other schools in town.  Now they have they opportunity to help their school and the environment.  The 5th graders handle the recycling for the entire school all year long.  They collect recycled trash from classrooms throughout school and also take the recycling cans to the curb once a week.  It's hard work, but they love to do it!