Sixth Grade

About Sixth Grade

Early in grade six, students participate in a personal learning style inventory. Our middle school teachers, working from those results, plan their classes to include a variety of academic activities so that all types of learners can work confidently and well. For example, in sixth grade anatomy, for each system of the body (and they learn them all), students must create a “learning tool” that speaks to their learning style. Not only does each student learn from the creation of his “learning tool,” but also he must present the tool to the class. Through creation and presentation, students at TLS learn in an active way all the way through middle school. Core subjects in sixth grade are English, history, foreign language, mathematics, and science, but thanks to a rotating schedule, all students continue to take the complete classical curriculum all year long, which includes art, drama, music, physical education, and computer science.  

Did we mention that Middle School is an increasingly social time in a child’s life? This point is not to be ignored. Social bonding is an important aspect of Middle School, and early in the school year, we take the students away from school for an entire week for a sixth grade trip to North Carolina where, with the help of faculty counselors along with the teachings of the natural world, students develop a respect for each other and themselves. It is a great way to begin their new journey through Middle School, and through our “outdoor education” curriculum, students can anticipate a new challenge each year.

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