Seventh Grade

About Seventh Grade

Because they tackle real problems—and they work with real equipment, from the computer room to the robotics in science lab, to ceramics in art—our students generate abundant enthusiasm for learning, both individually and with friends. Seventh graders pair up to teach their English class; during a French version of “Survivor,” they work in question and answer teams; they plan a visit to Japan, set the budget, map the journey, write an imaginary journal of the trip, and produce well-researched travel brochures. For art history class they research an artist of interest to them, write a well-documented report, and create a web page complete with copy and graphics. All of this is what makes learning different at The Lexington School.  Rigor combined with excitement, ownership and independent thought is what drives the seventh grader at The Lexington School. It is what builds the curiosity and courage that is the key to each individual student’s success.

So, we work hard and we play hard in Middle School, but the balance is what is important. All Middle School students work hard at The Lexington School because there is a culture of expectation where trying hard and being smart is cool. With this culture, there is a need for expression, which is why all Middle Schoolers take a complete curriculum of the arts all year long, and it is why they break twice during the day for food and play.  It is also why we offer an active itinerary of electives and competitive sports. Our ultimate goal is to graduate the student who is well-prepared to tackle any and all secondary school programs, the student who is well-rounded, and the student who is still curious, who still loves going to school to learn new things.

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