Eighth Grade

About Eighth Grade

Leadership is the culmination of a Lexington School education. Our eighth graders are all leaders of our school, and that doesn’t mean everyone is a member of student government. Instead, it means eighth graders are the top of the food chain and they know it. They are role models for our younger students, and they have certain responsibilities and experiences no one else has. Eighth grade students must give a “Capstone Speech” at the end of the year in which they present a topic of interest to the entire Middle School using research and technology. All eighth graders participate in at least eight hours of community service outside The Lexington School as well as service responsibilities within the school. Eighth grade is the final chapter in The Lexington School book, and it is the most compelling. With Algebra I the minimum mathematics class offered, and three years of foreign language as a core subject, along with an interdisciplinary pre-AP English curriculum, Lexington School students have essentially completed the first year of high school, so students are ready for a competitive and advanced secondary program.

The culmination of a year of leadership coupled with the final lesson in courage for our eighth graders is the Southwest Journey where faculty and students venture to the Southwest region of the U.S. including Zion and the Grand Canyon for a week of camping, climbing, hiking, biking, and all the natural lessons that go along. We believe that learning also occurs outside the four walls of the classroom, experiential education is vital to the eighth grade experience.  It is through this final journey that the Lexington School mission is complete. Our graduates leave The Lexington School filled with the academic skill and desire to compete anywhere at any level, and they have within them the courage and confidence to make wise choices and overcome obstacles for the rest of their lives.

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