Study Clinic

Study Clinic is an after school program offered to 4th through 8th graders, from 3:30-5:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday. This program is designed to help reinforce the efficiency, organization, and success of our students. The program gives students assisted time to complete their homework. It is a supervised time for the students to get their homework completed with a teacher available to help. The teacher-to-student ratio is kept low so that individual needs may be met.

The study clinic staff is in constant contact with the lower and middle school teachers so they are aware of upcoming projects, quizzes and tests.

This program is staffed by TLS teachers. Parents are encouraged to have conversations with the study clinic staff about their child’s study habits and any specific expectations for their time in study clinic. For example, some students may need help with their English, some Math, some organization, and some just need a quiet place to get their work done. The parental role of homework monitor is reduced, and the students leave with much if not all of their work done so that they are able to pursue other interests.

We invite parents and students to consider Study Clinic. Children may attend any number of days in a given week. Some students come all four days that the service is offered, others come a couple of days a week, and some come on an as needed basis. Parents do not have to sign up for the service; it’s available on a walk–in as well as a regular basis.

Students are picked up in Extended Day and walked to Study Clinic, which is conducted in the library. They are then walked up front at 5:00, or parents are welcome to come to the library to pick them up. The cost is $18 per day and is billed monthly through our Business Office. If you have questions about our program, pleased contact the Director, Jonathan Herrington.