Computer Curriculum

The Lexington School is committed to providing all students with the highest quality computer education and resources to enrich their curricular experiences. All students participate in developmentally appropriate instruction in a nurturing environment which inspires children’s feelings of confidence. It is the goal for all students to build computer literacy skills and to become technologically more self reliant. The school’s Strategic Plan has the goal to continue to provide adequate institutional funding for the school’s on-going technological and informational system needs.

Preschool students begin their computer experience by familiarizing themselves with the basic operations and components of computers in their classroom. First, second, and third grade students attend computer class once or twice a cycle. Students in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and eighth grades attend formal computer instruction once a cycle. All seventh grade instruction is integrated into their classrooms where they use laptop computers.

Classroom teachers, librarians, special area teachers, and the computer lab instructor collaborate to integrate classroom curriculum with computer skills. School-wide wireless capabilities, two laptop wireless carts, two computer labs, library computers, workstations in the Middle School common area, and classroom computers make it possible for all teachers and students to have access to computers for instruction and Internet research. Smartboards located in classrooms or common areas throughout the school enable all administrators, instructors, and students to have the availability to work with an interactive whiteboard. Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, and Excel are used extensively to incorporate multi-disciplinary media projects. Proper keyboarding is emphasized in all grades. Computer software programs are used to enhance the curriculum throughout the school. Fourth grade students participate in an online keyboarding program, Keyboarding for Kids at home. The program is also available for older students who find typing challenging. The fifth grade uses Everyday Mathematics online activities to give students another method of learning math skills. Third, fifth, and seventh grade students are taught how to program, upload, and download information on the computer in Robotics. Movie Maker is incorporated into the seventh and eighth grade Language Arts and Spanish curriculum. Many other software programs are used throughout the classrooms.

Computer resources are available to students and faculty throughout the school. The library subscribes to a number of databases and online resources which students can access at home as well as in school. These databases cover a wide range of content, from SIRS Researcher and Government Reporter for the Middle School students to KYVL, which offers something for all students and teachers. The Librarians provide teachers with web resources to accompany and enrich their units of study. Computer resources are used to enhance and support the school’s curriculum.