About Kindergarten

Who’s Razzle Dazzle this week? It could be your child. In Kindergarten everyone takes a turn as Razzle Dazzle kid of the week, the child who is the star, who shares his/her life story, and who is chronicled by classmates in a personal biography, will never forget it. Individualizing each child’s potential…that is what Lexington School does best, and it all begins in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is the true start to the academic program at The Lexington School.With eleven students per class the kindergarten teachers structure the class in a way that allows individual and  small group work and helps each child reach his/her potential to be ready for First Grade. Adhering to a developmental philosophy, Kindergarten maintains an active learning focus which gives children what they need individually, but also keeps learning creative, fun and fresh. “Specials” classes, which are taught by specialist teachers, increase in number in Kindergarten; students travel to Science, Drama, Art, Music, Spanish, PE, and Library, so Kindergarteners have eight teachers on a weekly basis. That is a complete program! And don’t forget the focus on presentation and performance at The Lexington School. We teach courage, and what that means in Preschool is allowing our Kindergarteners the opportunity to get up in front of each other and live audiences at least four times per year. Our Kindergarteners have fun taking risks, and they are growing each day in their curiosity and confidence, ready at year end to move to the Lower School and begin their first grade adventure!

Academic Programs