About KinderKlasse

Apples, balls, shoes…what do these three things have in common? They are each topics of exploration and discovery in KinderKlasse. KinderKlasse is a developmental program for three year olds. Two fully-qualified teachers work with eighteen curious three year olds for either a half day or full day. Focused on the social and emotional growth of our little ones, nurturing Kinderklasse teachers provide our three year olds with an exciting, active, and ever-changing curriculum that keeps them fully engaged throughout the school day and school year. Balls may seem like a simple thing to study, but for three year olds, it makes perfect sense. Fun, adventurous, and tasty (yes balls can be tasty—keep reading), an exploration of balls provides sensory experiences that range from simple to complex.

KinderKlassers study the various types, textures, and shapes of balls, they research public opinion on balls through surveys, and they learn from their visiting "experts" on balls. Mr. Wald presents balls from a global athletic point of view, Mr. Moreno cuts a ball open to see what's inside, Mr. Clay juggles balls, and Mr. Parlanti, chef extraordinaire, teaches the art of making meatballs! You never know how many ways to look at one object until you are a KinderKlasse student! And this is just one example of a preschool curriculum that naturally engages the three-year-old developing mind.

KinderKlasse is a big deal, and all seven of their teachers make sure it is worthwhile. Even our three year olds change classes. Once a day, they go to one of several “special” classes taught by specialist teachers they will grow to know and love over the next several years. Art, Spanish, PE, and Music and Library are taught in facilities built and outfitted specifically for young children, and the curriculum is designed to supplement and enrich the learning that takes place in their preschool classroom.  As part of our philosophy of “teaching courage,” all of our preschool students regularly are exposed to presentation and performance not only as spectators but also as performers themselves. Even our three year olds perform in front of live audiences at least three times per year.

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