About Montessori

It is a family way of learning—three through five year olds coexist through work and play in a way that reminds one of a sibling mentoring relationship. So much can happen for the individual child in Montessori because she can work in her own way alongside other individuals who have the same interests and the same pace. That is the Montessori way. With two fully-qualified Montessori instructors who facilitate learning in an active, structured, and nurturing environment, each child stretches to his/her own potential. And while The Lexington School’s Montessori  uses  the American Montessori Method, the students go to “specials” classes outside the Montessori classroom that run the gamut: physical education, Spanish, library, art, music, drama, and science, and in the Kindergarten year, our Montessori students are exposed to the same curriculum they will experience in First Grade,  a leg up in terms of their transition to the Lower School.  The Lexington School’s Montessori is the best of both worlds!

Academic Programs