About Prekindergarten

Life is a circus…for four year olds at The Lexington School! Circus is one of many themes that prekindergarten children explore during their four-year-old year at The Lexington School. Our team of four, fully-qualified prekindergarten teachers work together to provide a creative, active, and fun curriculum that gives four year olds the skills they need for future success in Kindergarten. It is through copious developmentally appropriate hands-on, sensory activities that prekindergarten children approach these skills, and circus is just one example of the interdisciplinary approach that makes Prekindergarten such a successful program.

Not only do beginning Everyday Math and phonological awareness activities relate to the circus theme, but so do art projects, imaginary play activities, songs, dancing, cooking, snack, and even library time. All activities are connected, and for each thematic project, there is a culminating day where they celebrate the completion of their study and prepare to move on to the next big idea. In the case of Circus, and in keeping with The Lexington School philosophy of “teaching courage,” prekindergarten students actually perform a circus for a live audience, complete with programs and popcorn that the students created from start to finish.

And that’s just what happens in the prekindergarten classroom. Combine circus action with “specials” classes: Art, Music, Spanish, PE, and Library, and you have the most complete preschool curriculum in the region. Creativity, exploration and discovery, and a true love of learning…these are the cornerstones of The Lexington School preschool curriculum and philosophy. Life is a circus of ideas, and one day, our four year olds will be ready to tackle them all.

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