If you drive middle school (grades 6-8) students only, you will pick up by the gym entrance off Lane Allen.

If you drive preschool students, you will pick up in front of the school at 3:00.

If you have at least one student in grades 1-5:

All students in LowerSchool and Middle Schoolwill be dismissed at 3:15.

Cars will enter the carline through the main stone entrance and be guided around and through the parking lot. You will double park your car in the order in which you arrive and turn off your engine immediately. The exit will be blocked by cones until it is safe for everyone to leave.

At 3:15, the lower and middle school students in your car pool will exit from the entrance in our connecting hallway (the atrium) after waiting for a signal to walk to their cars. To ensure safety, it is essential that we all make sure that every car is stopped with its engine off before giving that signal.

You may remain with your car and signal to your children when they come outside, or you may walk up and meet them as they exit the building and escort them back to the car, remembering that no cars are allowed to move until all children have cleared the loading area. There will, of course, be teachers and administrators on duty supervising both on the sidewalk and in the parking lot.

If there are 'leftover' children who have not found their cars, they will be signaled back to the building prior to our giving the all-clear signal for drivers to start their cars and exit onto Georgian Way.

It is extremely important that the labeled Celebration parking spaces remain available for the purchasers. Please do not park in those spots, even for a few seconds, during dismissal time. All students benefit from the contributions from those spots; it is only fair that they be available for the purchasers,

If your student(s) don't arrive before the queue is given the signal to exit, please move along with the traffic flow and park for late pick-up. This time, park in a single line along the curb in front of the atrium.

Late pick-up will be from the entrance in the atrium. Students will not be dismissed until all cars have stopped at the curb.

If you arrive after the late pick-up, you may retrieve your children from extended day, which will remain in the old building. The atrium entrance to the Lower School will be closed after 3:30.

We will be using these procedures rain or shine, so please keep an umbrella in your car for the inclement days.

Dismissal during Lightning Storm

If lightning seems imminent, look for the nautical inclement weather flag that will be flown from the lower school’s second flag pole as well as at the gym entrance. For preschool dismissal the carline procedures remain unchanged for parents; children will assemble in the cafeteria and be called to the cars. For lower school dismissal, please park your car in a single line along the curb and go to your child’s classroom for pick-up. Middle school students who utilize lower school carline will be in the atrium. For middle school dismissal, please line up along the curb as usual and come to the gym to get your child.


When a student has a different-than-usual carpool arrangement, it is crucial that the parent notify the driver of the regular carpool in advance. For preschool and lower school students, a note indicating the change should come to the classroom teacher. Calls to the school during the day to request a carpool change (and to ask the school to let the regular driver know of the change) are difficult to honor. The logistics of getting this information to the student and ensuring that the parent who is expecting to take the child home be informed are nearly impossible. Be sure to plan in advance with your fellow carpool drivers any changes. Please be sure to inform substitute drivers of correct carline procedures. Any student not picked up must return to extended day inside the building.

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