November 1st through March 31st:

The Lexington School's dress code requires slacks or skirts in solid khaki, navy, gray, or black, along with any solid-colored polo shirts, button down shirts, or turtlenecks. Sweaters may also be worn. All clothing items should be devoid of pictures or patterns. Any solid-colored, jewel-necked, or collared dresses or jumpers are okay on any school day. Patterned tights are allowed in Preschool only. Belts are discouraged in Preschool, and shirttails do not need to be tucked in. Outerwear need not follow the solid-color rule unless it is worn inside the building.

Opening of school until October 31st (warm weather season) AND April 1st until the close of school (warm weather season):

The same dress code applies, but shorts in khaki, navy, gray, or black are allowed.

Friday dress:

Friday dress is the same as Monday-Thursday dress in Preschool, except the solid-colored rule does not apply. The collared-shirt rule applies on Friday also.

We ask that Preschoolers wear tennis shoes or rubber-soled shoes every day.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, warm up suits, and athletic pants are not allowed. Denim apparel in any color is not acceptable.

On the first calendar school day of each month (other than Friday), there will be a “jeans day” for the entire school.  Jeans or other regular dress bottoms along with regular dress tops or TLS spirit wear are appropriate.  The solid color rule does apply on these “jeans days” in Preschool.

The dates for “jeans days” are in the green book and will be announced in the division heads’ weekly emails.

There will be days when the school will declare special “jeans days.” These will be communicated in advance. There is also a tradition that The Lexington School calls a “jeans day” if Fayette County has declared a snow day while TLS in session.  This will be confirmed on the school website.  Regular dress tops or TLS spirit wear are acceptable on any jeans day.

Feel free to visit the Land's End/TLS website for customized dress code options. TLS receives 3% of each dollar spent.