Believe it or not, it is time for your family to begin considering high school options for your child. One of the great benefits to being an eighth grade student (and parent) at The Lexington School is the placement-counseling program that you receive here. To begin this process, please fill out the placement questionnaire regarding your child and your family’s initial feelings about future educational pursuits.  This is for your use as a way to help guide your thinking about high school.

For those interested in local high schools in Fayette Co, we have included Local High School Options and Important Dates to Consider. These sheets will be important as you begin to make contact with the different schools. If you are interested in the gifted and talented programs, we will have assemblies here at school, and the schools will host informational evenings. These will be important dates to notice. The deadline for the initial application to these programs is October 7. The application can be found at  For information about these programs at a glance, please refer to

If you live outside Fayette County and are interested in more information about public schools in your county, please contact Una MacCarthy directly.

 Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment or call if you need guidance. If you are unsure of your school district, please visit

On October 8, TLS will host the Annual High School Fair. This is a required event for our 8th graders. Last year we had 76 different schools, including all of the local schools as well as several boarding schools, attend. This is a unique opportunity for you to meet and talk with the admission staff or director of several different schools on in the same afternoon.  

For those interested in boarding school, plan to attend the Boarding School Symposium, October 8 at 2:25 P.M. in our theater and spend some time looking at the website Please contact Judy Bottoms to schedule an appointment if boarding school is of interest to you. 

We will meet with students to begin talking with them about their options. We challenge them to resist the herd mentality and be open-minded about all their options. Please do the same. Don’t try to make your child fit a particular school; rather choose a school to fit your child. 

We hope these counseling services will help you navigate better what may seem to be a complicated process for your child’s next educational experience.  We are happy to work with you and your child on the exciting next phase in his/her life.